Leslie’s Advent Calendar – Day 3

December 3 – Volvo 740

There’s a distinct Corgi theme to my two cars today. I had two Corgi Maestro vans (see hastily done and late – sorry! – December 2 post), but they paled in comparison to what was one of my favourite possessions as a four year-old. It’s provenance has been forgotten in the midsts of time, but this graphite grey, geometric bit of Sweden pleased me more than anything else in my pre-school days.

I remembered this rather weird choice of toy car when I nearly got run over by a Volvo 740 today. It was a saloon one, unlike many of the estates that still survive as workhorses for the self-employed today. And I think it was the boot that drew me to it, taking me back to a simpler time when deciding whether to park the Volvo next to the Sierra XR4x4 or on the far side of the Texaco tanker was of considerable more importance than preparing to fly to a far-off place or trying to get a thesis finished…

I wondered what kind of person would still be driving a saloon Volvo of that age. There’s something kind of retro cool about the 200 series, but the 700 – especially the saloon version – is an odd choice. It looks like the type of car elderly people would have bought new fifteen years ago and then run relentlessly ever since, with the fading, peeling dealer sticker still clinging tenaciously to the rear screen.

I didn’t get a chance to see what type of driver this booted Volvo had. But whoever you are, Volvo 740 driver, we salute you.

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