Leslie’s Advent Calendar – December 6

December 6 – Maserati GranTurismo

December 6 marked my last full day in London, and the sitting of an all-afternoon exam and the morning revision this necessitated kind of put the kibosh on any serious chances to spy some exotic machinery. Nevertheless, I still managed to find something to take my mind off the exam in the form of the Maserati GranTurismo.

To be honest, I’ve never had a lot of time for Maseratis. They just aren’t a car that’s ever really done anything for me. I was drawing a silver cabriolet when my Dad told me on a Sunday afternoon in 1994 that Ayrton Senna had been killed, but that aside they don’t feature all that much in my automotive interests. Which made it all the more surprising when I spotted – and passed comment on – two specimens of this strange Italian breed the other day.

The GranTurismo just looks right. It appears vicious, aggressive and quite willing to consume the tarmac ahead of it through its gaping snout. The rear end, by contrast, manages to carry off that elegant effect that Aston Martins manage by virtue of some clever curves and a high-mounted registration plate.

And it sounds the part too. In fact, so pleasing to the ears was the black example I observed on Russell Square that I was able to forgive its driver for splashing me as he rumbled through a murky puddle. The yellow monster that tore off from the lights into deepest, darkest Bethnal Green made an even better noise, its exhaust note battering off the walls of the railway bridge as it defiantly refused to be silenced or halted by the trio of buses lying astern ahead.

I would have liked to have thought more about this, but I had to shoot off to bed, put the car-based thinking to one side, and rest up in preparation for the following day…


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