Leslie’s Advent Calendar – December 24

December 24 – Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is a sickly excessive part of Tokyo, a place where people are urged to consume, consume, consume. I went there yesterday, quite honestly because I was happy to pay the expensive fee to enter the top of the Mori Tower and enjoy – sorry, consume – the views over the sprawling megalopolis that is Japan’s capital.

But I didn’t get anywhere near the top. Because it was full. It was two days before Christmas, and at Christmas the people of Tokyo like to go to Roppongi Hills. All of them (or at least it seemed like it). The queue spiralled down the stairs, and having been there a few days before Christmas last year we just thought stuff it and went elsewhere.

As it is quite interesting, though, here is a quick snap I took from the top last year. The Mori Tower may be extravagant and whimsical and capitalist in the extreme, but at the top it was actually quite fun and fascinating. In a purely critical way, of course.

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

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