At the Border Counties

It’s the evening before the Border Counties Rally and I’m in rally HQ in Jedburgh. Nothing untoward going on, but we’re keen to see how the new Civic Challenge Cars go in the morning. The Snowman Rally wasn’t a fair test because of the snow and ice, so we really have very little idea of how fast these things will be.

With Euan Duncan, Graeme Schoneville, Ross Chalmers and Grant Inglis among the frontrunners, though, we know there are plenty of folk who can hustle the thing along. Graeme was telling me he was playing with suspension settings on the shakedown this morning and has tightened the springs up a lot. He reckons the car is much better to drive now.

In the 205 section, Garry Pearson has arrived and is raring to go. He’s hoping to draw the first blood of 2010 after a difficult 2009.

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