Euan and Peter declared Civic winners as Mirrorgate closed

In the last post I mentioned that the results of the Civic Ecosse Challenge were on hold pending a stewards’ enquiry. I am pleased to say this has now been resolved and Euan Duncan/Peter MacInnes have been delared the winners of the Honda Civic class on the Granite City Rally, their second class win from two starts.

The enquiry related to the door mirrors on one of the cars and their eligibility, but after extensive consultation it has been decided that the mirrors are indeed eligible under FIA Group N regulations. The Challenge will, however use this opportunity to further clarify its interpretation of the Group N regulations, which are modified slightly for the series’ purposes.

In the meantime, however, this means that an excellent result for a Challenge-specification car stands! Euan and Peter finished first in the ultra-competitive Scottish Championship Class 4, beating a Ford Fiesta R2 and a trick Vauxhall Corsa in the process. Given that the Fiesta R2 is an international-standard front-wheel drive car and is used by some of the best young drivers in the world as a training tool before they go onto more powerful machinery, for a ten grand Civic to have the measure of one is very special indeed. Well done guys.

Euan and Peter immediately after the Granite. The champagne had to be put on ice but the crew can celebrate again now


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