Kamikochi Rally

I’m at a rally in Nagano Prefecture this weekend, so will be writing wee entries over the course of the day as the action unfolds. If you read the stuff on the Ecosse Challenge website that I wrote about rallying in Japan last year, you’ll know that it’s (a) generally pretty low-key and (b) takes place much later in the day. Just now, for example, it’s 1pm and the cars are just being scrutineered after the morning stage recce.

By low key, I mean about 20 cars. Signing-on is a gazebo (a big sturdy one but an open-sided tent no matter how you look at it) in the car park of one of these roadside craft and local cuisine places like House of Bruar.

The usual selection of Lancers and Imprezas are present as well as 2WD Toyotas and Hondas. Curiously enough, however, two crews from Tokyo are taking part in dark red Saxos. Apart from their recce car – a series 1 Peugeot 106 – there are no other foreign cars.

It’s a lovely sunny day under the snow-capped mountains. The peace is punctuated by the parp of horns as the scrutineers check the cars. The action gets underway at 3pm or thereabouts, so I’ll report back after then.

Azumino Swiss Village, Nagano Prefecture, 1.10pm


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