Free as a (Blue)bird

A low-resolution Bluebird

Following on from the Metro sighting the other day, I spotted another retro-mobile in George Square this evening – an early 1990s Nissan Bluebird. For most folk, the Bluebird is something they would remember (or more likely not) as a minicab from twenty years ago, but in the part of the country I originate from these bland saloons were used to ferry elderly folk to and from church well into the 2000s.

Judging by the tidy exterior and automatic transmission, I’d be willing to wager this car has never left Edinburgh in its life. A look at the odometer would probably confirm this, but I reasoned that running across the road and peering in through the driver’s side window of a car belonging to a complete stranger would be just a tiny bit suspicious. The rubbish nature of the photo on the right also serves as a timely reminder that – should I wish to go around town snapping things and then sharing them with the wider population – I really ought to invest in a mobile phone that has a respectable camera.

The Bluebird also gave me a valuable insight into what my dad’s automobility will look like in ten years’ time – namely, a driver diligently and meticulously maintaining an obsolete vehicle they actually have a very limited interest in. It’s a timely reminder that for many (i.e. not just my old man) the car is merely a device for facilitating convenient mobility rather than an object of passion or emotion. Being so interested in cars it’s easy for me to forget that not everyone gets excited about what kind of machine they drive – but again the driver of this vehicle does deserve serious kudos for keeping an older car on the road. Unless, of course, they’re trying to make some kind of statement by driving this Newcastle-built four-door…

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