Early Winter Rally

I’m off to Japan on Saturday for a conference. This partly explains the low quantity and quality of postings of late, as I’ve been focusing very much on getting a draft of my PhD thesis finished and doing the associated dissemination of my work. When one is sitting battering away at a keyboard for twelve hours during the day, the last thing one wants to do at night time is come home and do more writing. Hence I haven’t been doing so much on the car and motor sport front.

The trip to Sapporo does mean I’ll be missing quite a bit of motor sport action, which is why I’d like to draw your attention to the Early Winter Rally that will be running this coming Saturday – 30 October – out of Coldstream in the Borders. The Early Winter is a navigational rally, meaning it’s held on open roads under the conditions of the Road Traffic Act with the emphasis on navigational cunning rather than out and out speed. Nonetheless, the Early Winter does use many of the roads that feature on the Jim Clark Rally, and the good quality of the Borders’ country lanes means it’s usually an excellent evening out.

Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club crews with their Early Winter trophy haul back in 2006

The Early Winter was the scene for one of only a very small number of class wins I took during my short career as a road rally driver. Both times I competed had a real ‘big road rally’ feel to them, with scrutineering in a garage, cars with spotlights and roll cages and even a few spectators outside the country cottages. The second year I took part featured tough navigation and challenging roads with a lot of very quick cars in our class, so I was delighted to get round in the wee and unmodified Fiat Cinquecento unscathed and pick up a small trophy (which, incidentally, is sitting near to where I’m writing gathering dust).

But I digress. The point is to encourage you – if you’re that way inclined – to get an entry in for the Early Winter or at least get down to marshal. Visit http://www.borderecosse.com to find out more!


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