In Sapporo

I’m up in Sapporo for a conference related to my research – on Saturday I’ll be presenting a paper on the reciprocal relationship between theory and practice in environmental ethics. This will, of course, include reference to the empirical work I’ve been doing on rally driving, so I’ll be interested to see how it goes down with an Applied Ethics audience.

Ex-Motoyama/Krumm Nismo GT-R

Before the conference gets underway, though, I’ve had a few hours to explore the city. It was dark by the time I arrived so I wasn’t able to get much of a sense of what the place is like. After checking in at the hotel I had a quick wander and found the centre of Sapporo to be pretty similar to every other Japanese city I’ve been to – concrete, high buildings and lots and lots of light. With Sapporo being a large city, though, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled into the quintessential Nissan Gallery, where I happened to find a retired SuperGT racer on display in the form of a Xanavi GT-R.

Rather amusingly, the train that took me from the airport to Sapporo city centre was called the Super Kamui – unintentionally (I think) sharing its name with Japan’s latest F1 star, Kamui Kobayashi. Before the conference starts in earnest tomorrow, I’ll have a few hours in the morning to explore Sapporo by day. I’ve wanted to come to Hokkaido – and Sapporo in particular – for a long time, so I’m looking forward to it…

All Aboard the Super Kamui!

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