That Cinqu-ing feeling

Fiats never used to last long in the UK. Wind, rain and general crap weather made them fall apart after approximately eleven months. In the moderate climes of Italy, however, they just go on and on and on, no matter how flimsy they start to appear. As a former Fiat owner, I was chuffed to bits to see a whole squad of Cinquecentos (the 1990s ones, not the old ones you find on postcards and faux canvas prints) still in action, as well – of course – as the ones you probably see in Peroni adverts.

I used to have one of these. Then it got hit by a taxi.

Edinburgh Cinquecento owners used to park near each other deliberately. I doubt these guys were so excited about vehicular similarity.

Dents are a common feature on Roman cars, occupying approximately 40% of all vehicles I saw.

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