Ford Granada

Having not seen a Ford Granada for about fifteen years, I nearly got knocked off my bike by one the other day after it came pasting through an orange-going-red light. My first thought was not ‘you b**tard, you coulda killed me!’, as it maybe should have been, but ‘bollocks, why don’t I have my camera to hand, I want a picture of a Granada for my blog!’

The fact that I put taking pictures of rare cars above consideration for my personal safety is perhaps an indication that I should Get Help. Nonetheless, just a touch over twenty-four hours later, I stumbled across a parked Granada and got my picture as a result. I should also make it completely clear that the Granada pictured here is NOT the one that nearly mowed me down. It’s just a shame that it looks like a Ford Sierra that’s been blown up with a bicycle pump.

This version doesn’t, in all fairness, do the spirit of a Granada justice – and not just because it’s an estate rather than a saloon or hatch. It’s not grimy enough, not run-down enough, not seedy enough. It needs to have dirt clinging to the panels, Ginsters crumbs ingrained in the seats and cigarette ash sealed into the roof lining to be a proper Granada. When I was growing up, the Granada was the type of motor that scrap metal dealers or coach owners had, a vehicle with lots of room, lots of kit and plenty of cheap spare Ford parts. Bad guys often used them in ITV dramas. It was that kind of car.

This one, by contrast, appears to have been very well looked after. It’s in cracking condition, and is one of the slightly rarer estate versions. I bet the same person has owned it since it was brand new, and I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of effort and energy they have put into keeping such an unorthodox vehicle running. Despite my slightly tainted views of Ford Granadas (formed by the kinds of nutters that used to drive about the Highlands in them), I do like them. Just not enough to be run over by one.

n.b. just after posting this my conscience pricked and I thought I should add that: if you ever happen to stumble across this blog by accident and find yourself saying ‘hey! That’s my car!’, then just drop me a message at ljmabon @ aol . com (removing the obvious spaces) and I’ll happily remove it.


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