Been away…

There has been no writing of late because I have been very busy. Actually, scrap that – everyone is very busy all the time these days. I have been EXCEEDINGLY busy and as such have had no time for blogging.

The last few weeks have unsurprisingly involved a lot of travel. One of the odd things that happened was that, for the first time in my life, I was conveyed between two points by a machine built in South America. This Embraer 190 took me on a recent business excursion and, amazingly, is built in Brazil. I know all the Boeings out there make their way over from Seattle, but more noteworthy than the distance this thing has traveled is the country it comes from. It’s a high-quality product, a symbol of Brazil’s rising economic power. I don’t know anything about the labour conditions or power relations behind its production, though, and as a social scientist I always like to think such things through. Maybe in another life I’ll have time to read up on such things properly, but if machines like the EMB 190 create jobs and aid economic development on the nations that need it that surely has to be a good thing.

Now I come to think of it, the skateboard I had when I was six might have been made in Chile, but you can see my point about never previously having journeyed on something of Latin provenance. I never got further than a meter on the skateboard anyway, so it doesn’t really count.

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