New toys (literally!)

The last week has been pretty frantic as I’ve tried to get back into the rhythm of the ‘day’ job and finish off the last of the post-Japan duties (photo printing, present wrapping, writing thank you letters). As such, this hasn’t been a great week for writing, but as is my custom I like to keep things moving – even if it’s just with a photo and a few words.

This is one such post. The two tiny Nissans pictured below managed to worm their way into my suitcase and make the long slog across Siberia back to Edinburgh. Really, I have no idea how they got in there, or how they ended up unpackaged in my living room.

The one closest to the camera is a 1980s Nissan Gloria, replete with the grandiose 1970s styling that one can still see throughout Japan today. It’s part of a limited series made by Japanese toy giant Tomica, and has a little bit of extra unique-ness seeing as it came from Nissan HQ in Yokohama.

The further away one is a Calsonic Impul Nissan Skyline, gleaned – as you may have guessed – from my school trip out to Impul in the Tokyo suburbs. I got a particularly fair price for this one, as it was gathering dust on a shelf in the showroom, and again it’s nice to know it came from somewhere with a bit of history.

A cursory glance on eBay suggests both of these – despite being the length of my pinkie – are worth a bit more than I paid for them. Not that I’ll be selling them any time soon of course…

Nissans Gloria and Skyline

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