Spotted recently on the streets of Edinburgh…

All in all, Edinburgh is a pretty affluent city. Due to its financial connections, more than a few folk have considerable disposable income. Having said that, there are also quite a lot of ‘creative’ types about, not to mention a fair share of eccentrics. The result of all of this is that one can find a very eclectic selection of cars parked around on the Scottish capital’s streets and alleyways. Here are four of the best I’ve spotted recently:

Honda Prelude

This is my personal favourite. An immaculate early 1990s Honda Prelude. And when I say immaculate, I really do mean immaculate. Can never decide whether I prefer this generation of Prelude (with its pop-up headlights) or the next one (with its timeless styling). The only way to decide, I guess, will be to keep my eyes peeled for a newer one next time I’m out and about.

Jaguar XJS

By all accounts the development of this car was an absolute shambles. Legend has it that the ‘turrets’ behind the read windscreen and the flat bootlid are there because the cars engine was originally supposed to be behind the passenger cabin, Ferrari-style. Whatever the deliberation process in Birmingham, the result was that the XJS ended up with a whacking great V12 under the bonnet at the front, and a splendid if dysfunctional rear end. A tatty XJS ranks alongside a battered Intercity train as one of the saddest relics of 1980s Britain, but well-used yet loved ones like this please me no end.

Citroen CX

No explanation needed! I lurve old Citroens. This one looked right at home resting on the cobbles in the New Town, the brown autumn leaves from the nearby garden accumulating at the bottom of its massive windscreen. It’s come from another country, which led my dear father to remark that after one winter in Scotland, it will be “like Maw Broon’s sieve”. Sadly, I fear he’s right.

Ariel Atom

Frankly, cars like this just don’t do it for me. I find them too flashy, screaming ‘I’m a petrolhead! I’ve just been to the racetrack!’ to everyone around. I might have liked this when I was a teenager, but these days I prefer much more understated things like the Prelude above (Nissan products bearing the ‘GTR’ hallmark being, of course, the exception). Still, it was certainly something out of the ordinary, hence its inclusion.

As always, if you are the owner of any of these cars and are unhappy at its inclusion here, then either DM me on Twitter (link opposite), or email at ljmabon [AT] aol . co m (everyone knows how to change this these days) and I’ll remove it pronto!

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