Plastic and perspective

I’m very much aware that I haven’t written anything of any substance for quite some time. The reason for this is mainly that I’ve been traveling a lot for work – and when one is traveling for research fieldwork, trying to stick to a tight time schedule and worrying about rushing back to process data, one doesn’t always take time to notice the more entertaining elements of the surrounding environment.

In my usual spirit, though, even if there’s not time to write I’ll take a few minutes to throw a couple of pictures up with explanatory text. Today’s theme is perspective – a term I use very loosely on account of the fact I am rubbish at taking photos and am unsurprisingly using it as an excuse to post some pictures of toy cars.

I came home from a week away to discover my wife had rearranged the living room. As well as being a very pleasant surprise, it made me realise two things: (a) that I own an awful lot of model cars, and (b) that I own a lot of models of the same car, albeit in different sizes. Take these Tokyo taxis for example:

One car (Toyota Crown Comfort), three different companies (Nihon Kotsu, Tomica ‘own brand’, Tokyo Mu-Sen),  three different sizes. The taxis were something I remembered very clearly from my early visits to Japan, so I frequently sought to bring a toy one home as a souvenir. The different sizes represent my ongoing attempts to find the biggest one possible – the green one at the back is the ‘Holy Grail’ I acquired in July. Now to go for a full-size one, and to bring the pristine white seat covers back with it.

I’ve loved FB Mazda RX7s since I saw an immaculate beige and brown one in Meguro City. The big beast at the back represents my attempt to re-create it (more pics here), and the green Micro Machine at the front was liberated from a grubby shop in Akihabara:


In Scotland, everyone’s grandmother has two near-identical yet subtly different china dogs. Their purpose is to stand guard at either end of an auspicious long shelf, usually a mantlepiece or sideboard, and look hideous. Thankfully there are no china dogs in my home. In their place are two plastic Nissan GTRs, which are parked at opposite ends of the bookshelf:


Now that things have settled down a little at work, I’m hoping to get back to the more substantive pieces of writing alongside the slap-dash photo posts. I have a few ideas scribbled down that I’ll be looking to flesh out over the next few weeks and months, most of them car-related. Oh, and if you’re eyeing up that iBook in the last picture, don’t bother. It’s on its last legs.



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