Kyoto: kind of like Edinburgh

And so the research odyssey takes me to Kyoto for an international conference. Tried to do a little sightseeing beforehand. This is what I hoped to see:

Ginkakuji, Kyoto

The illusion of tranquility above is only possible because of a series of fences. This is what I actually saw for the vast majority of the day:

This. Is. Kyoto.

The red leaves are what everyone flips for at this time of year:

Red, orange and yellow leaves

No offence to anyone living there, but if truth be told I don’t really like Kyoto as a place to visit. I’m sure it’s a terrific place to stay, but if you’re visiting Japan I suggest you go to Fukuoka instead for a much friendlier experience. Overpriced, overcrowded and with no sense of humour. Hang on, that sounds just like Edinburgh…

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