Two hundred over crest, caution blogs outside?

I’m in the process of transforming my blog into something new – Exactly the same idea and content, just with a new name. For a while at least, though, I’ll keep reblogging everything here. Should you be inclined, have a look at the new blog and/or follow on Twitter @thezerocar !

The Zero Car

Last weekend, several thousand miles apart, the second rounds of both the British and Japanese national rally championships happened concurrently. I know who won both rallies, how the top Scot fared on the Pirelli Rally, and how my friend’s team fared on the Kumakogen Rally. I know what happened to one other car in the BRC, and that’s about it. By contrast, I know what the driver of the number thirteen Toyota in Japan had for lunch (tangerines), how much grief the service crew of the orange Yaris had fixing the brake pipes (lots), and which airline one of the Subaru BRZ crews used to get to the island (Peach).

Rally Nasaura - Rally Nasaura –

The key differentiating factor was Rally Nasaura. Over the two days of Kumakogen, my Twitter feed was plastered with a mysterious red flying finish board avatar, each Tweet carrying…

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