Futoshi Murase |村瀬太| Engineering rally success

The Zero Car

About a year ago, a mildly humorous website going by the name of ‘Kim Jong-Il Looking At Stuff’ did the rounds. It was essentially a collection of photos of the late Dear Leader observing all manner of things from fridges to rice fields to musical instruments, which were being demonstrated to him as he toured his country. Having reviewed my photos from an extremely hectic weekend, I have come to the conclusion that if I wished, I could start a virtually identical blog entitled ‘Futoshi Murase Looking At Rally Stuff’. Because when the 2009 Japanese two-wheel drive champion came to Scotland for a long weekend, he really made sure he got the most out of it.

Murase-san is the kind of person whose main purpose in life seems to be to understand at all costs how to make cars move as quickly as possible. Three hundred metres, one speed bump…

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