Hakone Part 1: Driving the Legend

Fantastic experience on my most recent trip to Japan – a morning with a Nissan Skyline GT-R!

The Zero Car

Is this really a good idea? Because right now, I feel horrible. The attendant in front is looking left and right, his arm outstretched in a signal to wait until the road is clear for me to pull out of the junction. My left leg is wobbling as I keep the clutch depressed, the sheer loudness of the engine bringing on palpitations in my eardrums. The thought of what this car might do to me is petrifying, and all I have done so far is turn the ignition key, engage first gear and drive five metres at three miles per hour. I am about to take a drive in a car I’ve wanted since my early teens, but instead I’m calming myself with thoughts of the gentle dip in a hot spring and the cup of honey milk latte that lie ahead once this is out the way.

There seems…

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