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The Zero Car

Human geography at high school encompassed a fairly limited syllabus. You did three things – population demographics, development, and urban regeneration – and that was about it. Urban regeneration nearly always entailed a case study of looking at somewhere in the world where there had been industrial decline, and where someone had subsequently come in to make everything nice and shiny and pleasant again. In our school we looked at the Barbican in London, Trafford in Manchester, Gorgie in Edinburgh – but never Javel in Paris.

Javel station Javel station

It’s a bit of a shame we didn’t study Javel, because even when you take out the attraction for me (which will become obvious in a minute) it’s still an interesting example of what can happen to an area when industry moves out. Now, given my training in human geography I know I’m skating on rather thin ice when it comes to…

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