Die(sel) Hard in Gunma

The Zero Car

If you strip away all the spin and bravado, this is an article about a diesel saloon. Originally, I wasn’t going to admit that right away. There was going to be an opening paragraph so enticing that viewers would come flying in from WordPress, Google and far beyond. The title would be such that anyone seeing it pop up in their Twitter feed would be compelled to open, retweet and favourite. I even had a photo lined up with the perfect balance of intrigue and promise to ensure excitement spread far and wide. But then I got cold feet. I realised I would be giving a rather selective representation of events, one that would break the golden rule – under-promise to over-deliver. Dishonesty is something that sits uncomfortably with me.

Now that the introduction has scared off all the hangers-on, I can give those of you that are remaining the…

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