B52s in Hanoi

The Zero Car

Reflecting on what I’d been up to in 2015, I realised there was a batch of photos I’d taken with the explicit purpose of uploading to the blog but never got round to. They were from back in the summer when I went to Vietnam for work. At a loss for what to do with the free moments I had in Hanoi, I was drawn to the pictures of war wreckage I saw on Wikipedia. Spurred on by the maps and info in the guidebook I acquired from Aberdeen City Library, I managed to track down two locations in the west of the city where the remnants of some rather large aircraft were located…

Outside the B52 Memorial Outside the B52 Memorial

There was nothing remotely off-the-beaten-track about the first location, a giant museum having been constructed at the site of the wreckage. And in case one was in any doubt as to what…

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